Post Panic Attack - Dealing with the After Effects

Published: 21st October 2009
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Post panic attack effects can be another frustrating aspect of the attacks. Right after experiencing an attack, we still have to calm down. Not only this, but it can also take quite awhile before we return to our normal state. If handled in a reasonable manner, some of this time could be cut down.

Once the fear and panic has reached a climax and begins to fade away, it means we are entering the second part. Fortunately, this is not as bad as the attack itself. With this being said however, it still remains a very stressful period of time. What are some ways we can deal with these post panic attack effects?

One of the crucial things to keep in mind, is the fact that we are gradually regaining control. Once this is realized, there are a few things we can do to ease the process.

While sitting, there are two things we can do. The first involves our breathing. Take gradual, controlled, and deep breaths. Do this for about a minute and continue until the normal rate of breathing can be done. Next, while doing this we want to sit still. This will require focus and concentration, but try not to move at all. Visualize every fiber in your body being perfectly still.

By doing this, we can effectively reduce the amount of time it takes to return to a normal state after a panic attack. Once sufficient control is back, also consider drinking some water. If you have not eaten anything for awhile, also consider eating a snack or meal. At this point, we have successfully dealt with another panic attack. Dealing with this can gradually get a little easier with practice.

Post Panic Attack effects can be a very draining task. Is it possible to regain the Happiness and Freedom we Deserve?

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